When considering a solution for hair loss that involves needles and ink, one must be very careful when choosing which type of treatment most suits their needs. And more importantly which one is at the cutting edge of the industry and spearheading its development.

Tricopigmentation is a new form of Scalp Micro Pigmentation  (SMP) and is a welcome solution for those suffering, from the anxiety and worry of hair loss without having to go down the road of expensive hair transplants.

With regard to hairloss and in particular to the dreaded” male pattern baldness” known medically as androgenic alopecia, most people would not hesitate to have that bald appearance gone forever. Anything that could change this, would I imagine be welcomed with open arms by any balding fellow out there.

With regard to SMP its always a good idea to research the different modalities out there before deciding to go ahead with any treatment that may change one’s appearance forever. Traditional SMP or so called Permanent SMP is the oldest form of SMP. In this article we define two types of SMP one is Tricopigmentation and the other is the so called “permanent” Traditional SMP, which from here on in the article we will simply refer to as “Traditional SMP”.

.Trico Technology

Tricopigmentation was developed by Milena Lardi and the Beauty Medical group in Milan Italy.

Tricopigmentation is fast becoming the number one choice now of those seeking a system of SMP that guarantee’s longevity with just a little maintainance. Beware of people who tell you that Tricopigmentation is just temporary, it is not, with the right maintainance plan this is the most permanently beautiful and realistic SMP you could ever have. (more on this later)

Tricopigmentation has become the most popular choice of treatment for hair loss not only due to its many evolutionary concepts and flexibility but also for its uniquely engineered Trico machines. Tricopigmentation produces realistic results and this can be seen in the fantastic 3D shaved effect that is unique to the Tricopigmentation system (more on this later).

The patented  “Tricotronik” machines  from Beauty Medical were created specifically for Tricopigmentation.  The “Tricotronik” has many features one of which incorporates a specifically defined number of occilations in the dedicated hand-piece, as well as a very fine needle diameter and porosity and more importantly utilising pigments that are re-absorbable.

Beware of companies who use tattoo gun equipment to perform scalp micro-pigmentation,

Only specialised dedicated equipment should be used for this most delicate of processes.

The painstaking research and development to create a new more effective method of SMP makes up the winning formula of the Tricpigmentation system.  This is great news to those worried about the inflexible permanent nature of some traditional forms of SMP.

Needle Depth

Many SMP companies go on about  how special their pigments are with secret ingredients etc. Well I can tell you that it is not the pigment alone that determines whether a pigment stays lodged in the derma or turns blue or not, it is the depth of the needle that mainly determines this, although in the case of Tricopigmentation the specialist pigments do lend a hand in other ways.

With the Tricotronik machine the needle is set at a safe depth. With Tricopigmentation there is no guessing or physically judging the depth of the needle, instead each dot is skillfully implanted by the technician at precisely 0.5mm, as well as that the thickness of the needle is very important to ensure that the tiniest dot is initially implanted.

If on the other hand pigment is implanted too deep and left to the ravages of time and UV rays to do their bidding then that once great black colour on the head may fade to blue or worse still, the dots could expand in an un-natural way.

With Tricopigmentation this can never happen.

Skilled Training

Apart from the technicalities of the hardware Tricopigmentation technicians are highly trained in techniques and skillsets that are quiet unique to Tricopigmentation. Students are trained in the UK by Debbie Clifford of Pigmentalia UK, and after that they are then stringently asscessed by Milena Lardi of the Beauty Medical Group, Milan Italy. This standard of training ensures all technicians have the highest levels of skill possible to carry out Tricopigmentation treatments.

 So what is Tricopigmentation?

Tricopigmentation is the new wave of the SMP industry and rightly so for many reasons. Tricopigmentation was developed by people who had previously practised the Traditional style of  SMP. These practitioners quickly realised that something had to be done so that essential and important guarantees about the treatment could be given to clients.

There are many unfortunate examples on the internet of permanent tattooed scalps turning from black into the dreaded blue colour as seen in aged tattoos.

Tricopigmentation by its very nature guards against this anomaly.

Tricopigmentation was not just developed to be an alternative to Traditional SMP. It was a necessary development for many important reasons.

lets make no mistake about this, if something has to be developed then its purley out of the necessity for improvement and never just for the sake of it. Necessity clearly being the Mother of invention in this case.

Tricpigmentation was developed because pigment implantation in the scalp needed to be fixed. Pigment planted too deep like a tattoo does not have the luxury of the immune system to gradually and naturally fade out.

Just to be clear I’am not saying all Traditional SMP treatments will result in black turning to blue, some may, some may not. But something as important as your appearance should never be left to chance.


                                                              Tricopigmentation at its best

The Nature of Lasting Change

The words permanent and temporary, are words that are clearly out of kilter when it comes to explaining the  differences between the various forms of SMP.

Temporary or permanent are words bandied about by those who misunderstand the true intricies of  what Tricopigmentation was created to achieve.

Physically nothing can ever “EVER! be permanent and nothing is ever temporary, everything  in reality is in a state of flux and change.

So how do we stop change?.....well we cant, but just as change can be decaying in nature, it can also be rejuvenating. Flux is all around, change is evident everywhere, when you put it into context “permanent” can never really be permanent.

Will a permanent SMP treatment fade?.... will it change colour? well of course it will. Then can you still call it “permanent”?..... I dont think so!. Do permanent tattoo’s  fade?.... of course they do, same applies !. Everything in nature fades and changes.

Your health will suffer and not last if you neglect to look after it, your home will suffer and not last if you dont touch it up, your plants will die if you don’t water them, this is the law that governs all of nature.

If you don’t nurture then nature will take its course for better or worse.

All of us are bound to the forces of nature which dictate how everything looks in any given time, so adding to enhance that look is always going to be preferable to just doing something that is labelled permanent and letting it stagnate for a long period of time. Tricopigmentation by syncing with the ebbs and flows of nature creates a more real looking image.

As everything is in a state of decline and regeneration the word “lasting” might be better to use here for this article rather than umbrella words like permanent or temporary. Tricopigmentation is flexible and lasting.

Its only words

Some Traditional “ SMP practitioners hang their hat on the word “permanent” when describing what they do, continually perpetrating this buzzword around as if it were some sort of superior form of SMP. Once you now know what “permanent” can really entail when referring to the implantation of pigments into the scalp, then permanent does not become such an attractive catch phrase after all.

Temporary is used a lot simply because it is just the opposite of “permanent”

Temporary is a loose word and is sometimes wrongly used to pigeon hole Tricopigmentation by its competitors, don’t get me wrong competition is a good thing but Tricopigmentation has far too many intricate facets to be labelled so simply or mis-promoted by any one word description.

Its good to arm one’s self with all the facts, regarding the hype and misuse of words, (which is one of the the aims of this article) before deciding on which type of SMP to go with.

Nurturing with Tricpigmentation

Realising the truth and knowing all the facts about what Tricopigmentation was actually designed to do will help serve the prospective client to make better more informed choices when it comes to which form of SMP treatment would most suits their needs.You have got to ask yourself these questions “would you get a permanent tattoo on your head that can only be removed by laser”? 

Would you mind if your tattoo turns blue over time? If it’s on your arm it probably would not bother too much, but If it’s on your head, I think I know what the answer would be.

With Tricopigmentation micro dots will never turn blue, and with regular touch ups the look is maintained forever.

With Tricpigmentation there is an ongoing nurturing process that maintains the natural colour and density of your new pigmented hair all of the time.

With this nurturing process Tricopigmentation pigments will never and can never ever ever turn blue, the regular touch up treatments will see to that.

The six months or annual touch ups is a small price to pay in order to maintain a radiant fresh looking buzzed 3D effect on the scalp that will always look new and fresh all of the time. With Tricopigmentation the pigment will not stagnate or stay too long in the derma.

The irony here is the sense of permanance this brings to the look of the client who will now always have a great natural looking head of hair in every moment. Without meaning to sound contradictory, is this in a sense a kind of a permanent, on going solution? Permanent in the sense that its always going to permanently keep looking good all of the time, with just a little maintainance.

Creating the 3D effect

Creating a natural 3D effect on the head is one of the most unique and creative aspects of Tricopigmentation.

The gradual fading out of old dots and renewal of new dots helps to create a fantastic 3D effect on the head. The 3D shaved effect spontaneously appears during the maintenance phases when the old dots fade out and the new ones are more visible, thus creating the illusion that the new dots are in relief.  This amazing 3D effect is another good reason (apart from maintaining the colour) to have a regular 6 monthly, or in some cases annual touch up. Regular touch ups will ensure that a sharp natural bright looking realistic (3D effect) head of  shaved hair is maintained indefinately.  

The Advantages of Tricpigmentation

With regular touch ups your hair will always look sharp and colourful, never faded or blueish. The 3D effect is always developing or in relief like real hair. Triocpigmentation always looks natural, again check the internet for fake looking SMP and compare.

You can always let area’s fade out and change shape.

Having a Tricopigmentation treatment as a solution for your hairloss and being able to renew it, rejuvenate it, any time you like, is surley one of the great advantages of  having a Tricpigmentation treatment.

Its only a matter of time in my opinion before all SMP will be Tricopigmentation, in fact its already happening in most European countries. A lot of the current crop of Tricopigmentation technicians where once Traditional  so called “permanent”SMP practitioners.

Aren’t we lucky to have a such a great flexible solution for hairloss like Tricopigmentation? One where you can chop, change colour, change shape and style, add to, take away and brighten up,  ....just like real hair?












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