Kim Mc Menamin is based in Ireland and comes from the alternative health industry. He is a qualified acupuncturist and health researcher and has written hundreds of articles based on a varied range of disorders and diseases. It was research into hair loss in particular that lead him to discover solutions for male pattern baldness. Although acupuncture works well on disorders like alopecia, it can not treat the natural loss of hair that has become known as male pattern baldness. Kim soon discovered that one of the best solutions out there, that did not involve surgery was a procedure known as Tricopigmentation or Scalp-Micro-Pigmentation.

Upon further investigation he realised that there were already a good few companies out there offering this type of treatment. His initial concerns about what is currently known as Scalp-Micropigmentation was the fact that tattoo’s can fade to blue and dots can migrate (become bigger or join together). It was not long before he discovered a company that used specialist pigments and techniques (tricopigmentation) that guaranteed against this anomaly. Kim is proud today to say that he has trained with a company that has developed techniques that are quite simply unique and way ahead of all its competitors. Kim completed his training in the UK under world renowned expert Debbie Clifford. Debbie herself trained in Italy with the “Beauty Medical” company. It was Beauty Medical who developed the specialist machines and pigments for this new and advanced form of Scalp-Micropigmentation called Tricopigmentation.